Practicing Methods
By David Faibish
Record your pick-ups to audio files and write down all your mistakes:
Get yourself an mp3 player with audio recording capabilities or some other device that can record sound, and every time you know you’re going to talk to women, record the conversations.
Listen to the recordings at your own privacy and recognize your mistakes.
Write them down and read them occasionally. You will see that the lessons you’ve learned from these mistakes will forever be engraved in your brain and you will most likely not repeat them again. This is a great way to improve your game really fast.

Also, you can always re-listen to successful pick-ups and enjoy them. This will improve your game even more.
With time you’ll find more mistakes you made and which you didn’t put your finger on at the beginning. (You don’t have to record your conversations in order to write down your mistakes. If you don’t have your audio recorder on you during the pick-up, just try to remember exactly what happened; it’s not that hard. (That’s what she said… ;-)

Run pick-up scenarios in your head:
If you think about pick-ups a lot and run scenarios and routines you’ve learned - in your head (simulate women’s responses and everything), you’ll become more ready for battle. By doing this you strengthen the stuff you already know and think about great responses, new ideas and attitudes all the time.
Imagine the way you move, the way you walk, the way you look at the girl, the way you touch her, how you make her laugh, etc. and you’ll gain more simulated experience and confidence.

Go out and just talk to women:
Just talk, don’t pick-up any of them. Be nice, cool, and funny. Don’t progress into picking-up any of them.
With time you’ll see that it’s not impossible and that even YOU can do it.
You’ll gain confidence and practice your communication skills with the ladies.
It doesn’t have to be just hot young women, though. You can talk with women of all ages; just make them smile or laugh.
If it’s hard in the beginning, get into stores and chit chat with women who get paid to be nice. You don’t have to buy anything, just talk a little, be funny and leave.
Don’t just do it for two days and quit knowing that you can do it. Do it all the time in order to achieve mastery.

Build your own “A good answer for every question” file:
Write down a funny cool answer for every question a woman might ask you and memorize it. You can be sure that doing this will not be for nothing. If you know what’s the best answer for every question women usually ask, you are WAY better in this game than you think, because now you have more time and more brain power to handle other things like reading her body language, remembering funny routines, kino escalation, etc.
Just make sure that before you write your own answers to those questions you understand women’s psychology well enough. You need to know the reasons for everything in order to write the right answers.

(I already wrote the list for you to save you the time, but you'll have to fill it up by yourself. To have it, right-click HERE And "Save Target As".)

Go out with a friend and just open sets for fun:
When you’re with a friend you can leave your shyness at home. You can start talking to girls much easier together and it’ll probably be more fun and productive, at least when you’re a beginner.
Write down some good approaches you might want to try, and then go do them together in a place where there are a lot of people, like a festival or a fair. You might crash and burn pretty often, but it shouldn’t bother you. You will just start developing an “elephant skin,” which is something that every pick-up artist develops with time and experience.
If you’re planning on doing this, don’t forget to record all of the interactions. Listen to them at home and write down all your mistakes. (Tip: Also write down all your funny spontaneous remarks for reusing them in the future.)

Let your friend watch how you work and let him find your mistakes:
You can also have him videotape it, so you could watch your body language and general behavior around women.
You alone cannot look at yourself from the side. That’s why a good friend can watch you and tell you what you do wrong. Do the same for him, and together, with time, you two will be an invincible couple…

Practice your stories and jokes on people:
Once you decide how you want to tell your stories, practice telling them. Do the same thing with your “default jokes for the ladies.”
When you tell your jokes and stories to someone for the first time, your delivery probably sucks. But once you practice them over and over, the delivery improves. Then, once your dream woman shows herself, you will be ready to “pick her up” like she was a coin on the floor...

Practice approaches in front of the mirror:
It is essential that you practice your game at home. You need to have a great body language, confident look in your eyes, strong posture, cool voice tone, and perfect line / routine delivery in order to give the best first impression when hitting on a woman.
Practicing the approach itself in private saves you a lot of rejections in the field. So pick some of your favorite approaches and start rehearsing their deliveries until you master them. (It’s like how they say in the army: “hard training, easy war.”)

Practice reading body languages and voice-tones:
It doesn’t matter where you are, start noticing all the little gestures women (and man) make and excel in reading what people REALLY think and feel.

Chat (flirt) with women on line:
Do I really need to elaborate on this one?

From now on, notice how you talk:
It is an advice for life, not just for doing well with women. Think twice before you say anything; be considerate to other people’s feelings and watch the tone of your voice.
The objective is to be more interesting, relaxed, powerful (NOT an ass!) and more influential.
Invest more energy in thinking what you’re about to say and how you’re going to say it. Don’t let your autopilot take control; it does the minimum. Be a bigger man and try harder.
If you never stop trying harder, it will never stop paying off.
You’ll see.

Practice pick-up material with your female friends:
Who knows, maybe you’ll even get something out of it…

Practice spontaneous funny remarks:
Google “hot women” in "images" mode and save as many women’s pictures in everyday situations as you can to your computer. (No naked pictures, please… Well, ok, just a few… ;-)
Look at the first picture and brainstorm what you can say to this woman / group of women in order to start a positive conversation and make her / them laugh. Then, when you have a good line, rename the picture with it so you can check it out again later.
With time you’ll see that you’re getting better at it.
This method will develop your ability to invent funny approaches to many live situations. It will also add some more original ammo to your arsenal.

Good luck.

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