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1. What are the 10 biggest mistakes that I probably make with women?

Taken from the article: The Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes You Probably Make With Women And What To Do About It
  1. Being Too Much Of A "Nice Guy".
  2. Trying To “Convince Her To Like You.
  3. Looking To Her For Approval Or Permission.
  4. Trying To “Buy" Her Affection With Food And Gifts.
  5. Sharing “How You Feel" Too Early In The Relationship With Her.
  6. Not “Getting" How Attraction Works For Women.
  7. Thinking That It Takes Money And Looks.
  8. Giving Away All Of Your Power To Women.
  9. Not Knowing EXACTLY What To Do In Each Type Of Situation With Women.
  10. Not Getting HELP.
2. Does all this pick-up and seduction stuff really work?

It sure beats the hell out of the regular “techniques" that most men use on women, like: “So, what’s your name? What do you do? Can I take you out some time?" etc. With those techniques no wonder most men have what we call “approach anxiety". Every time they try to make a move on a beautiful woman they meet her “bitch shield". How can you expect a typical beautiful woman to have the same boring conversation over and over again, every day for as long as she remembers?
The secret is in understanding man woman dynamics and knowing how to properly spark attraction in women. In order to actually be able to do that, you need to fix yourself from the inside first. Some of the training you’ll get in all of those ebooks, CDs and DVDs will convert you into a REAL MAN; and once you achieve that, most women will be happy to talk to you without raising all their defenses and "bitch shields".

3. What attracts a woman to a man when they just meet?

The answer is a combination of a few major things: 1. He has to be confident: She can sense his confidence through his body language, the way he carries himself, his voice tone, the things he says to her etc. 2. His sense of humor: A man who can make a woman feel good and forget about her problems is extremely attractive to her; and what is the best way to do that if not humor? 3. An interesting challenging man: When a woman meets a man who is not as predictable as most men, he’s automatically more attractive. 4. A man who is a leader and can lead the conversation and her through life with confidence. 5. A man who knows what he wants and does not afraid to go and get it.
There are actually more, but these are the most important ones.

4. Why can’t I get women? What is wrong with me?

Let me tell you a little something, my friend: No one is perfect. All the guys you see out there that have sex with lots of hot women all the time, are also not perfect. So, what makes them so successful? Well, they're confident and they think highly of themselves. They love themselves and their lives and people can sense that and give them more love and respect like they think they deserve. They’re positive thinkers and they don’t let their insecurities influence their lives. Instead of focusing on their imperfections, they focus on their advantages. They have confidence. All these make their brains act differently than yours and they have better moods. Instead of sitting at home, thinking “what’s wrong with me?" they go and have FUN. They go and do things with their lives. By doing that, they get results. Once you learn how to think better of yourself and gain confidence, I guarantee you that your life will change completely and you’ll be happier and MUCH more successful with the ladies.
Like over 90% of all men, you probably don't know anything about women and attraction. That's why you make so many critical mistakes that make you lose every woman you somehow manage to attract.

5. Why should I spend money on pick-up and seduction products?

If you prefer going on expensive dates with women and paying for both your meals and movie tickets, and also paying for the parking, gas, flowers etc. over and over again and GETTING NOWHERE (because this is really NOT the way to go), than be my guest. Being a nice guy and doing "what's right" (ie, trying to impress her by paying for everything and buying expensive gifts) can easily exceed $100 for one date. Multiply that by countless dates (if you can get them...) until you eventually find a woman who will AGREE to marry you, that's A LOT of money and TIME down the drain and a lot of disappointments along the way.

You can spend MUCH LESS on some proper pick up, attraction, seduction and dating education, and then, when you're a more knowledgeable, confident and self respecting man who KNOWS and capable of getting almost every woman attracted to you and respect you (regardless of how you look or how much money you make), only then you'll start living. You'll meet dozens and hundreds of women (have sex with A LOT of them,) and you'll have the ability to control your life and CHOOSE your partners in life and in bed.
And no, you will not have to pay for the women you date, and won't need to buy expensive gifts for them. Wanna know why? I bet you do...
Besides, you live only once and you leave all your money behind; so screw the money and MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LIFE!

6. How can I know if a woman is interested in me?

There is what we call in the seduction community “IOI" (Indicators Of Interest). These are basically a list of subtle cues that a woman consciously or subconsciously demonstrates while communicating with you. For example she reinitiates the conversation when you stop it. She plays with her hair while talking to you and look into your eyes. She faces her body towards you when talking to you etc. (These are the most well known ones...)
There are other indicators of interest that are not body language related, like: she may ask you all kinds of questions that indicate her interest in you, like if you have a girlfriend or what is your name or how old you are etc. (Again, very obvious examples, but the list can go up to hundreds of IOIs...)

7. Where are the best places I can go to meet women?

Actually I don’t know if there is a best place for it. You can find women everywhere and every place has its own advantages and disadvantages. Don’t go to places where you find more men than women because there will be much more competition. Good places would be: yoga classes, the market, supermarkets, festivals and fairs, on the streets, malls, inside most stores, art/photography/psychology schools (and actually any school or class that there will be at least 50% women), doggy parks, bus stops, etc.
If you want to go to places that the average of single women is higher, go to bars and clubs, but it is harder to start conversations there and the competition is quite high.

8. Why aren’t women sexually attracted to nice guys?

Assuming you’ve read the answer to the question “What attracts a woman to a man when they just meet?" allow me to ask you a few questions: 1. Are “nice guys (i.e. nerds, wussies and actually most of the regular guys) full of self confidence? 2. Do they act like leaders? 3. Do they have a sense of humor? (Well, yes, so that’s 1 out of 5) 4. Are they interesting and challenging? (Nice guys are all the same when they try to attract pretty women. They put them on a pedestal and treat them like they're the prize. It sends all the wrong messages to them and they come out as extremely predictable and highly unchallenging.) 5. Do nice guys know exactly what they want from women? (Except for the obvious...) Nice guys don’t seem to know what they want because they don’t have much (if any) experience with women. A real man on the other hand, has enough experience and he knows what he wants and what's good for him.
If you want to know why women are attracted to REAL men, read my article: Evolution

9. How can I make sure she won’t tell me “let’s just be friends"?

First of all, show her that YOU'RE THE MAN. Do not act needy and do not send her the message that she is the queen and you will do everything in your power to get her.
The key to avoid L.J.B.F is to ALWAYS GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. If you stay in one place for too long, she will lose her hot attraction for you while waiting FOR YOU to make a move on her. Once she’s already attracted to you, DO NOT tone it down! Keep on doing whatever works and always go to the next level!

10. Don’t you think that all these techniques are a bit manipulative?

On one hand you can say that by knowing and executing all those tricks and techniques we are a little bit manipulative and it’s not nice… but try to look at it from another point of view: For women, finally finding a man who is fun, challenging and confident is as scarce as finding a really beautiful and smart woman for men.
For women it’s a privilege to fall into a pick up artist’s hands. Why? Because PUAs know how to make a woman feel like a woman! Besides, do you think that women are all pure angels? Women are constantly doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to make themselves sexier than what they really are. (I.e. push-up bras, fake tits, high heels, different hair colors, etc.) If that’s not manipulative or cheating than I don’t know what it is. Also, without pick-up art how can we boost our chances to finding a great woman to live happily ever after with? They don’t tend to hit on us… Wake up! It’s a jungle out there…
Now, look me in the eye ;-) and tell me that paying for meals and buying gifts and all kinds of other stuff like that aren't manipulations!
I'm not promoting lies, not at all! The art of the pickup is knowing what attracts women and what turns them off and act accordingly. With time it stops being acting and becomes the new YOU: An interesting fun and confident man who is unbelievably attractive to women and doesn't make SO MANY devastating mistakes...

11. Does that stuff work on all women or just on the fat ugly ones?

Dude, that stuff works on all women, pretty, ugly, old, young, white, black, green, and even some of the lesbians… As long as she’s a woman, it will work. You SHOULD know that hitting on an amazing looking woman and hitting on a less fortunate woman is not the same, but if you can make a woman feel good and act like a real man, you’ll be fine…
There will be women who will not cooperate because you’re a player or they’re happily married or some other reason, but this stuff is science… It has to work!

12. Is it true that every man can be successful with women?

Unless you’re physically hideous and you repel women even more with your smell and stupidity, you too can be successful with the ladies. Of course, if you’re obese you’re going to have to change to better your odds, but basically, if you act like a real man and you can challenge women and make them feel good, you will be able to attract women and live happily ever after. It has been proven beyond any doubt that women don’t really care about men’s good looks as much as men care about women’s good looks. Read these articles in order to better understand how attraction works for women.

13. Why do women test man?

Due to the fact that women usually look for real men to couple up with, they need a way to filter all the losers that are trying their luck with them on a daily basis. Beautiful women get a lot of offers and they have to minimize the options so only the best remain. The question is how can they filter all those guys?
Well, they TEST men to see how they react in all kinds of situations. Some of the tests are intentional and some of them are subconscious. (Theoretically these situations are tests.)
A real man needs to be in control of everything in order to pass these tests, including control over his emotions and the situation (“in control" doesn’t mean “controlling"!)
Someone who isn’t man enough would probably fail these tests and will be filtered.

14. What is "social proof"?

In order to be socially proved, you need someone to prove you. When we say, “he’s socially proved" in the seduction community, we mean that as far as we know, at least one woman thinks that this man is worthy of making babies with, which means she wants him or wanted him in the past. (Girlfriend or ex girlfriend or a wife for example.) It means that this man has gone through a female’s inspection and passed, so for the new woman who is now getting to know him or just observing him from a distance, it would be very important to know whether society and women in particular likes this guy or not. If you’re butt ugly, but 2 hot blonds are placed on both your sides hugging you and showing lots of affection towards you, a third woman who sees it will automatically be attracted (unconsciously) and intrigued by you. She’ll think, “Wow, I wonder what is so special about this man!". Let me remind you that most women don't care for men's good looks like men care for women's good looks. Just make sure to dress nicely, control your body language, smell good and groom yourself.

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