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By David Faibish
I’m a pretty organized person. I like to be ready for every trouble that might surprise me and I hate being caught off guard. That’s why I made a list of most of the questions women ask when they want to get to know a guy during the pick-up, on the phone or on a date.

The reason I did this list is for knowing exactly what to say when being asked these questions and how to answer them in the best possible way.
Some of my answers are funny, some of them are true and optimized for better results, and some of them are just avoiding some truths that I don’t want to share with a woman I’ve just met.
I’ll leave you to decide how YOU want to answer every question, so I’ll just leave the questions unanswered.

By the way, feel free to use (most of) these questions on women.

Before I give you the list, here are some ground rules to follow:

  1. You shouldn’t talk about anything boring with women you want to have.
  2. You should demonstrate high value inside your answers. Demonstrating high value means that you need to show her that you’re loyal, protective, socially proved, a leader, funny, communicative, have a great personality, in control at all time, confident, and not in a constant search for sex.
  3. Try to avoid lying. Try to change the subject before you lie to women.
  4. Never ever get into arguments with women about religion, politics and feminism. As a general rule, try not to argue with women when you don’t have to.
  5. Don’t talk about subjects that women are not interested of hearing, like mechanics, soccer, your boring work, HER boring work, and actually anything that doesn’t make women FEEL GOOD.
  6. Don’t be offensive and don’t swear or talk too dirty.
  7. Don’t be too funny all the time. If you are, you’ll be treated like you’re a clown, not a potential lover.
  8. Try playfully busting their balls in your answers.
  9. Not so answer related, but sometimes women get themselves into bad moods because they started talking about the death of their dog or grandmother, a recent bad breakup or something else. Try to have a few “subject changers” so you could lift the energy level back to effective. I just use: “Hey, I’m sorry that it came up like this, but listen, let’s not talk about it right now, let’s change the subject to something that will bring back that pretty little smile of yours that I like. How about…”
Here are the questions: (Some of them might look too simple with simple answers, but these are opportunities to give cool, funny and unpredictable answers.)

Questions she might ask that you should know HER answers to them before you answer:

Q: Do you smoke?
Q: How much do you usually drink?
Q: What would you rather do with your girlfriend: Stay at home or go to restaurants, dancing etc?
Q: Do you smoke pot?
Q: What about other drugs?
Q: What do you think about tattoos and piercings?
Q: Are you a vegetarian?
Q: Do you like animals?
Q: What do you prefer, dogs or cats?
Q: Are you a horny guy?
Q: Do you like kids? How are you with kids?
Q: Do you like babies? How are you with babies?

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