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Double Your Dating is a downloadable ebook that teaches guys how to dramatically inprove their success with women, dating and even with their personal lives.
This ebook is known to be the most successful mainstream dating product ever written for men. It sells really good and it makes me happy... - You can be happy too...

The Double Your Dating affiliate program is managed by "REMOVED" and affiliate payments are exact and on time. (Paid by check or PayPal.)

Excellent tools are provided at the affiliates area in order to help you maximize leads and profits, such as articles banners and more.

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  • You get to promote a best selling quality product by the leading guru in this area.
  • High payout for each sale ($20 and it sells like crazy...)
  • Once sent, your visitors arrive to A very strong DYD welcome page (now with a personal video), which easily converts visitors to leads.
  • A VERY STRONG sales page (the page where the visitor is sent to after he signs up; in this case, the product's very convincing pitch page).
  • A trusted affiliate network that satisfies it's affiliates for quite some time now. (Look around, see how many others promote the Double Your Dating ebook.)
  • Signing up is fast and easy.
  • Payment Method: Check or PayPal - Always on time!
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More Products Offered by --REMOVED--
The network also has 3 additional ebooks for you to offer your visitors in the topic of love and dating but it's targeted toward women (the other half of your visitors, which is perfect!)
I also promote "Catch Him and Keep Him" by Christian Carter to women in my other websites and this ebook converts even better... (Women are generally more willing to invest energy and money in their love lives than men.)
"Catch Him and Keep Him" is known as the leader in relationship advice for women and its marketing campaign was built very similar to the DYD campaign.
Catch him & Keep Him pays a 75% commission ($24.00) for each $29.97 eBook sold.
You don't need to sign up twice. Once you sign up as an affiliate you get everything you need in order to promote Double Your Dating, Catch Him and Keep Him and the others.

If you don't have a website about the subject of meeting women and you don't want to use David's articles and banners you can create a pick up lines page with all kinds of lines, comics, funny videos and more and promote the ebook from there. Here's all that you'll need in order to create an awesome pick up lines page: Write About Pick Up Lines.

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